Can EazyBI reports be shared with Service Desk customers?

I would like to create a report that is shared with a specific organization in Jira Service Desk. This report must include fields that are not available in the request form (built-in service desk view).

Is this achievable with EazyBI? If so, how?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @AtlassianAdmin
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You may consider publishing eazyBI reports to no-jira users using iframe with the public access token; this way, you can embed eazyBI reports or dashboards in web pages. Here are more details on this option: Use public access token.

It is not possible to publish reports on the JSM portal. However, we have such a feature on the eazyBI development backlog and will keep you posted when it is available.


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Hi Thank you for confirming this behavior. I am evaluating tools for generating pretty dashboards and sharing them to our business user group who dont have access to JIRA. I am planning to do it using “organization” share on JSM. This shouldnt mandate us to have a public token availability. So I see that this is a backlog item for you for quite some time. Are you planning to make this feature available in near future?