Can I filter tasks that a month ago were assigned to a future sprint?

Hi, is there a way to filter tasks that a month ago were slotted into a future sprint?

For instance, If I have 20 issues that currently are assigned to an upcoming sprint, some of them to Sprint 1 and others to Sprint 2, but I want to know ONLY which of them were assigned before a specified date… is that possible?

The goal is to report an immutable story point value based on all stories that were slotted into an upcoming sprint within a set of sprints (program increment)

Apparently "Sprint in (“Sprint 1, “Sprint 2”) before 2020-04-01” is not an option (at least using JQL in Jira)

A reply received by support:

eazyBI imports historical information about sprint changes for issues. While we have default measures to analyse scope of a sprint (since committed till completed). You can define more measures for other use cases.

You can use a tuple with measure Story Points history and date member representing the date you are looking for:

([Measures].[Story Points history], [Time].CurrentHierarchy.Levels(“Day”).DateMember( ‘01 JAN 2020’ ), [Sprint Status].[Future])

Here is how it looks in report. I planned my D1 Board for several upcoming sprints on that date:

If necessary, you can define some dynamic way on how to point to a particular date there.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.
Kind regards,

Daina Tupule
eazyBI support