Cannot get eazyBI to return same results as JQL with hierarcy


I have spent hours and hours reading questions, testing scenarios and attempting to put together what should in my mind be a relatively simple task. I can achieve everything I need in JQL with nested queries, but in Jira I can’t generate it in a report format - hence eazyBI. Some basic things are easy to do in eazyBI and I’ve had good success. Other things seem far from easy and it’s becoming quite frustrating. Let me try to explain this in simple terms:

I have eazyBI installed with Advanced Roadmaps. I am using a hierarchy of Initiative → Epic → Story. Task issue type is also on the same level as Story. Very straightforward.

I need a report that shows me all stories and tasks that are linked to an Epic (Epic Link), where the AffectsVersion on the Epic = X and the parent link is empty.

So this seems pretty simple.

  1. Find all Epics where AffectsVersion = X and parent link is empty.
  2. Return a list of Stories and Tasks under these Epics.
  3. Add some dimension on the measure, to segregate by team for example.

Why is this so hard to accomplish? I’ve tried using the parent link on pages, the affects version on pages, I’ve tried using them as columns, tried drilling through and selecting the value - nothing works.
Please help - I’m losing my patience with this tool.



I suppose your questioni in another community thread AffectsVersion not working properly? is related to this questions and the idea for the solution is the same.
However, there are differences. If you have to check issues in two levels that are directly linked (like Epics and their children via Epic link), then the calculation might be the following:

--annotations.drill_through_non_empty = false
       Descendants([Epic Link].CurrentMember,[Epic Link].[Epic]),
      [Issue].[Issue].GetmemberbyKey([Epic Link].CurrentMember.Key).get('Parent Link') = "(none)"
       DefaultContext(([Measures].[Issues created],
        [Issue].[Issue].GetMemberByKey([Epic Link].CurrentMember.Key),
        [Affects version].CurrentHierarchyMember)) > 0),
    ([Measures].[Issues created],
    [Affects version].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)

For this measure, you could use the option of the drill-through issue.


Hi Ilze,

Yes this was related to the other thread and yes, this was in the heat of my frustration. Sorry for that - sometimes I just wish this was a bit easier, maybe built in like the FixVersion logic. In any case, I will try it and see what I get.