Capture issue status at sprint close with total story points for each status


New to eazybi for Jira and so far I love it!

Im trying to find a way to report on each story and its status at the time of sprint close INCLUDING TOTAL STORY POINTS for each status. The expected result should be, any time I run the report for that sprint, whether today or a year from now, the report should capture the status that ticket had at sprint close. I have used the member “story points at sprint close” which gives me ALMOST what I need. BUT the report shows the current status and not the actual status the ticket had once the sprint was closed.

For example, a story is ‘in progress’ at sprint close. The ticket rolls over to the next sprint, where it goes to QA. If I run the same report for the previous closed sprint, it shows the current status of that ticket.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Hi @ADThrives, welcome to eazyBI community!

It seems you are on the right track to achieve your report, as I don’t see the full report (what is selected in Pages ), I just wanted to remind you to not forget about using Sprint dimension also in this report as measure Sprint Story Points at closing is directly linked to Sprint dimension. It calculates the total of Story Points from sprint issues at the moment when the sprint was closed. Without Sprint dimension, Story points can be counted multiple times if the issue appears in several Sprints (check the picture below).

To get the status that is at the Sprint closing moment for the issue use the Transition Status dimension instead of Status . As you already noticed - the Status dimension shows the current status of the issue. The Transition Status dimension will show historical status for this measure.

You might find relevant this demo account report that is checking Sprint issues status category at the Sprint end (counted by Story Points)

Gerda // eazyBI support