CASE WHEN with Boolean and multiple matches

in my Boolean field “Brand” I have multiple entries, e.g. “Brand_1”, “Brand_2”, “Brand_3”,…

How is the syntax for my CASE WHEN query to find all items with “Brand_1” and “Brand_2” at the same time?

For only “Brand_1” the following is working:
CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issue Brand] = “Brand_1”

Thanks, Michael

Hello @Michael,

Thanks for posting your question!

Consider using MATCHES operator instead of “=” for this expression. You can read more on this in our documentation here: Regular expressions

[Measures].[Issue brand] MATCHES ".*Brand_1.*"
[Measures].[Issue brand] MATCHES ".*Brand_2.*"

Please note that this approach will return results at the level of an individual issue.

Marita /

Thanks for your response, Marita!

Maybe I have to specify my issue: The field usually contains more than one entries (e.g. “Brand_1”, “Brand_2”, “Brand_3”). If I use CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issue Brand] = “Brand_1” I get only issues back that have ONLY and exclusively the entry “Brand_1”. The issues with more than one entry will be excluded.

By the way when I use [Measures].[Issue brand] MATCHES “.Brand_1.

there will be an error with “MATCHES” function:


Hello @Michael,

If “Brand” is a multivalue field, then my described solution won’t work.
For a multivalue field, the easiest and fastest solution would be to import your Brand Dimension as a CSV dimension.

My colleague has described how to import it for the Label dimension, but you can apply the same logic for your “Brand” custom field as well: Jira JQL in EazyBI Custom Measure as a Filter

If there are any issues, let me know.

Marita /