Changed Sprint Name

Thank you for your awesome app!

But I found a bug (or maybe not)
In my report I use “Sprint Issues commited” measure
But If you commit 10 issues in sprint “my sprint1” And then start this sprint and change its name to “my sprint2” - there will be 0 commited issues((
Its because issue history searches changes by member name.

I tryed to search by member key, but got no luck.
Can you help me pls?


Can you please tell me if this is bug or not? its native measures and settings

Hi @Stas

Please update the eazyBI version to latest available and then reimport data on your account.
This should not be the intended behavior and I was not able to repeat the same on the last version of eazyBI.

Martins / eazyBI team

Thanks! I think it worked <3