Conflict: Jira Service Desk project used also as Software development project

I am managing a Jira project who is primarily a service desk project.
But we are also using this project as a software development project.
When I try to Import the data, I don’t have access to the agile field to import.

We also try to import my project in an other Data sources and it make the importation bugs.

Is it something doable because those datas existe in Jira.

Welcome to eazyBI community and sincere apologies for delayed response.

This is most likely becuase the user who authorized the data import into this eazyBI accounts doesn’t have access to Jira Software information. Thus eazyBI fails to import Sprint-related data.
Please add the user as a Jira Software user or reset the authorization to another user and rerun the import to finish it successfully and restart automatic daily data imports.

Kind regards,

Elita from