Count Children outside of page filtering

I’m having a really hard time trying to put this together from documentation and other threads. I am trying to accomplish something similar to this post:

but I don’t need quite as much filtering. The desired outcome is to use Page Filtering to select a set of Epics and get a count of the children in that Epic. I’m looking to count the “Parent” level, and put together counts of story points and how many are resolved. Any help would be appreciated. Everything I test results in blanks or 0s. For instance this is blank:

        [Measures].[Issues created]>0 

Again, the desire is for the page filter to apply only to the Epic. If I choose the Epic level in the hierarchy and child members are displayed, I can at least get a count using this formula, and it gets me reeeeally close:

[Measures].[Issue type] = "Story"

but if I use a page filter on Issue Type = Epic and select the ISSUE level without hierarchy, the calculations fail. The way page filters apply to lower levels is very confusing to my users. They want to see “blue” Epics and all of the children. Since I know I can’t display the children that way, I was aiming to show only the Epic level without drill down and simply calculate the counts.

I assume the reason the first calculation fails is because it uses the Issues created measure, which is reactive to the page filter.

Support was able to help me with this. Here is an example measure that ignores page filters in a SUM tuple pulling from child data.

--condition to filter the Feature level against selected PI
([Measures].[Issues created],
 [Issue Type].[PI Objectives],
--resetting the Status dimension in filter condition to split the Story points according to status of their issues
 [Status].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) >0
--sum used for compatibility reasons - executed over one member
--change hierarchies to address the current issue as Feature from SAFe hierarchy
    [Issue.PI Objective].[PI Objective].GetMemberByKey(
--using the issue key of displayed member
--the numeric value for sum     
--the measure to be applied to the Feature and its children in the SAFe hierarchy     
   ([Measures].[Issues created],
--ignoring the PI dimension when checking the story points of children issues
    [Program Increment].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember,
--resetting the displayed member in the default Issue hierarchy
    [Issue Type].[Story])