Count stories in any released version while filtering a version on the Pages filter


I am trying to count stories on any released version while having a Page filter to be able to filter the stories by version.

The expression that I am using to count “Released Stories” only works if I filter “All Fix Versions”. It uses the [Fix Version] dimension, which is filtered and so it won’t work when a specific Fix version is selected on the Page filter drop-down.

Released Stories =
	[Fix Version].[Version].Members,
	[Fix Version].CurrentMember.Parent.Name = "Released"
  [Measures].[Closed Stories]

Is there any property on the Issue dimension that I can use to get the fix versions and check if any of them are released? Any other solution?

I am including a picture that better explains the problem.



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This is it.

        [Measures].[Closed issues]>0 AND
        ([Measures].[Closed issues],
          [Fix Version.By status].[Released], 
          [Fix version].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)>0

Thanks to Janis Plume from eazyBI support.

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