Count issues according to link type

I tried to find information in eazyBI Documentation but i’ll need your help anyway.
How to create simple table with link type count?
Something like this:
| link type | Issues |
relates to | 130
is related to| 140
is blocked by | 115

… and so on.


There is no universal solution, unfortunately, to import all the links by type and report on the number of linked issues per each link type. A workaround should be implemented to have the report as you described.

The recommended workaround would be to configure each of your links in a separate dimension, as described here:

Then you can create custom measures per each link type for counting the linked issues. Our
Demo Training account contains several examples of how to count the linked issues:
(please, check the “Links and hierarchies” measures for the hints)

Janis, eazyBI support

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