Counting issue from string value field

Hi @Kaviraj,

Issue property “Issue IsReopened” works only when you have individual issues on rows; issue property follows the issue and can not work without it. When an issue is not in the report, then the value for the issues property also is not available in the report. Check out the presentation “Jira Admin’s Journey to eazyBI” by my colleague Gerda where she explains what properties are and how those work in eazyBI: Training videos on specific topics

The calculation “Reopen Count” is based on issue property “Issue IsReopened” and shows zero for each Time period because there are no individual issues and no property “Issue IsReopened”.
You might want to update the formula for “Reopened count” and order the calculation to go through individual issues and check the property value.

  --iterate through all issues that has property IsReopened set to Yes
    [Measures].[Issue IsReopened] ="Yes" AND
    --measure to get report context
    --transition from status represent issue by date when issue entered any To Do status
    ([Measures].[Transitions to status],
    [Transition Status.Category].[To Do]) > 0

Check out also those Community posts on how to get a count of reopened issues:

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