Cumulative Flow Diagram - Restrict Complete Issues


I have built a cumulative flow diagram for a project which is quite old and has a significant number of issues in complete which is making it hard to read the chart.

Is there any way to limit the ‘Complete’ issues to those which have been completed within the chart timeframe?

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+1 for this question, I had a similar one some time ago.

Just filtering out the Completed ones (with a page filter) does not work, as then they are completely out, so also their history, when they have not been completed yet. And this changes how the CFD works in the first place.

So not sure, if there are more options since then.

See also here:

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Hi all!

I would suggest that you remove the statuses (or categories) you are not interested in seeing in the cumulative flow diagram (save the report after removing the status):

Issue would be counted in Issue history for the time it was in To Do or In Progress, but the ever-growing Done status would be removed:

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That is good to know, I missed that option, great thank you very much :slight_smile: :+1:t4:

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you can also change the Y axis by setting the min value to reduce the number of closed issues.

setting min value to 1’200:

Hello @lauma.cirule is there any solution regarding this issue? I have a similar problem, I would like to see completed issues within 8 weeks time frame, no older than it. How can I achieve it?

Hi @Elle,

The necessary changes depend on what is your current report context. But please note that you can filter the report by using Time dimension both on rows and pages.

Here is an example calculated member for Time weekly hierarchy that would dynamically group the last eight weeks:

  [Time.Weekly].[Week].DateMembersBetween('8 weeks ago', 'today')

You can put the Time weeks on rows and Time on pages where you select this calculated member.

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