Custom hierarchy not working


I’m trying to get an additional hierarchy in EazyBI - a fairly simple one based on the docs here:

I’ve got an Initiative as a parent of the Epic (rather than the Theme in the docs) and have set up the hierarchy correctly (I think) in Jira, with Epics being linked to Initiatives with a custom link “is an initiative for”. I can happily navigate from Initiative to epic to story and back by clicking the links on the issues.

In EazyBI, I’m importing the “Initiative” custom field (under Issue Links). I can see the new hierarchy in the Issues panel and it looks fine, but when I select “Initiative” as the top level, the Initiatives are shown but aren’t linked to their epics. All the epics appear under “(none)”.

Advanced settings are below.

name = “Initiative”
outward_link = “is an initiative for”
issue_type = “Initiative”
update_from_issue_key = “epic_key”

name = “Initiative”
all_member_name = “All Issues by initiative”
levels = [

What am I missing?

Many thanks!!

Done some more digging and it definitely seems to be the linking of the Initiative to the child epic. ITJIRA-34 is the initiative and ITJIRA-6 is an epic linked to it. The All Links field shows that the link exists, but the new field isn’t making the connections.

I’ve tried so many different configurations and combinations of setting and read every document on it. Just found too which seems to confirm exactly what I’m doing.

Am I missing a step like restarting EazyBI (which I can’t do)? Or a version issue? We’re on 4.4.1

Resolved using poiint 1 on

I had my links the wrong way round - pointing down the chain instead of up.


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