Customize Resolution interval or Age interval based on Issue Cycle

Hi, the problem that I have is that I’m trying to create a histogram based on a custom cycle time, currently I use a lot of the new feature where you define the custom cycle status on the Source tab. I understand I have to use an interval dimension for histograms, but Age interval or Resolution interval are predefined calculations based on issue creation and current date or resolution not the time from a custom cycle time.

What I need is the same grouping/frequency count from interval dimensions but for selected status, custom cycle or a calculated measure.
I found some solutions in the comunity forums, but that involves creating a custom dimension with javascript code, I can use this solution, but maintenance is harder for multiple projects where I need to have a custom field for each project if the status dosen’t match.
Anyone has an easier alternative solution?

Hi @Thomas_Kuryura ,
Currently, there won’t be any better solution than using the JavaScript field.
Meanwhile, we have in eazyBI backlog feature request about creating intervals based on Cycle time, and I will add your vote to it.

Gerda //

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