Dashboard - Counts of ticket in a specific statut by aging intervals

Hi all!
I’m trying to build a new dashboard showing how many tickets are in a specific status (waiting for analysis) by LOB by Age inteval.
Unfortunatly, the age interval count since the ticket has been created and not since the ticket as been move to the “'waiting for analysis” status.

I thought by defining a new calculated member into age interval I could fix this, but I need help.
Is anyone know how to use age interval since a ticket got a specific status instead of since it’s creation?


Hi @Staife

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You are quite right: Age Interval dimension is based on the age days for unresolved issues (from creation date until now), and when filtered by status, it still groups issues by their age days; only then the report includes issues in this status.

To create the interval dimension based on days in current status, you may want to use JavaScript calculated custom field. Check a thread in the community where this solutions is described closer (including the code itself): Days in Current Status Report

Ilze, support@eazybi.com

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