Dedupe Custom Field Changes

I’m having troubles getting distinct values for custom field changes when multiple page filters/dimensions are selected. I would like to show the total change to a custom field over the last 30 days. I’ve reviewed and implemented the dedupe function found in the link below for many standard value fields and it works great, is there a similar function that would work with value changes? As written below, the values are doubled when multiple selections are made.

NOT isempty([Measures].[Est To Close ($) change])
CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues created] > 0
[Measures].[Est To Close ($) change]

Hi @Matt_Shudy,

Yes, when filtering data by multi-selection field and selecting multiple values in a report, then results are summed up for each matching value.

In the given example, Dedupe based on customer field is used an issue property “Issue Story Point” and a measure “Issues created” representing current values. In your case, you are analyzing historical data and their changes (Est To Close ($) change) and might want to use historical measures for the calculation.

The logic for calculation to exclude the duplicates is to get a set of issues that matches report context including selected values for a multi-selection field, and then sum up those values ignoring the selection of the multi-selection field. The updated formula right look like this:

  --get set of issues that has changes in Est To Close ($) according to report context
    [Measures].[Est To Close ($) change] > 0
  ), --sum up changes in Est To Close ($) ignoring multi selection custom field
  ([Measures].[Est To Close ($) change],
  [Multi-selection custom field].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)

There are more details on calculated measures and used function DefaultMember:

Zane /

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Hi Zane, thank you very much for the explanation and solution! Works great!

I have a follow up question, are dates stored within eazyBI for the changes? If so, how would a filter be applied to only show the changes that happened within the last X days?

Thank you, Matt

Hi Zane, I believe I had a erroneous filter that was causing not expected results to my report.

Thanks again! Matt

Yes, the changes are represented on the timeline. For example, you might use Time dimension on pages or rows to see the value change in each period.

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