Derive Start Date of the Sprint from Issue(Story or Sub-Task)

I am trying to make a report that shows the list of issues .
i am able to see the ‘Issue Sprint’ since it is an issue property.
however, i would also like to derive the ‘Sprint Start Date’ and the ‘Sprint End Date’ for each of the listed issue (without having to use the Sprint Dimension in the report itself). What i mean is, in the derived measure, i can refer to the [Sprint] dimension in the MDX formula, but not show the sprint itself as dimension on the end report. is this even allowed? . Please correct me if i am wrong.


Here is the formula for getting the sprint start date from the Issue Sprint:

cast([Measures].[Issue Sprint] as string)
).get(‘Start date’)

Same goes for the End date


Thanks Ran. Works perfectly. This opens up a lot of ideas. Thanks a lot for this help!..

btw, I am one of your student from your easyBI course :slight_smile: The course was excellent!! and very happy to receive your guidance here as well. Thanks.

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The solution suggested by @ran.lavi is the one we would have suggested as well.

With the eazyBI version there are improvements to Sprint properties. We have two sprint start dates representing planned start date and actual start date introduced with Jira version 8.7. We have a new property status for Sprints as well.

See more about changes in Sprint properties in our documentation.

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