How do I get the Sprint End Date at the Issue Level?

I have the Issue Sprint on the report, and am trying to get Issue Sprint End Date. I followed the formula on this page, but it’s coming up empty.

Derive Start Date of the Sprint from Issue(Story or Sub-Task) - Questions & Answers - eazyBI Community

My Rows are Issues, so Issue sprint works great, but I cannot google or try enough that I find that pulls this value in.

The formula from that article:
cast([Measures].[Issue Sprint] as string)
).get(‘End Date’)

Hi @coachleigh

Thank you for your question.
To get information from Srint and show it to the Issues, please consider using GetMemberByKey function.

The formula for retrieving Sprint “End Date” at the issue level should look something like this:

[Sprint].[Sprint].GetMemberByKey([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Sprint ID')).Get('End date')


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