Development field from JIRA

I would like to build a report based on a field I have in JIRA name “Development”.
This field holds info whether the JIRA has a developer commit or not, and how many commits (see attached screenshot).

I use this JQL query to find all JIRAs with commit > 0:[development].commits > 0

How can I import these fields into eazyBI?

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Hi Loren,

If it is a standard custom field you can use this documentation page:

Or you can use documentation for advanced settings for custom fields

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Hi Loren,

For now, eazyBI does not have a direct import of issue properties, like commits.

It is possible to import data from Crucible by using additional data import to Jira issues cube with REST API ( If you would need assistance with data mapping and new measure creation from REST API, please share more information of what kind of reports you are looking to create and how far you are with mapping.

Lauma /

With version 5.1. eazyBI for Jira server supports general DevOps metrics import from Bitbucket and Bamboo.

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Thanks. Thats good to know. How about GITHUB ?

Hi @Venkatesh_Prasad,

The Git commit log can be imported to eazyBI as well. Take a look at more details here

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Hi @lauma.cirule

Gitlabt and Azure?