Issues categorization by development field

Problem description:
There are 2 places, where developers provide input / data for analysis: repo (like github) and “dashboards” (Jira i.e).

EazyBi works perfectly to organise the data from Jira. However as experienced EazyBI user, I can say for sure it does not always consider real use-case scenarios. In example, it’s a common fact, that many development teams create “issues” not only for development purposes, but also for “on duty” tasks, designs, testing, support, etc … There are long list of non-development related tickets, which is extremely hard to organize in a filtered way. Considering, that teams are free to organize their development flow and work culture by using the Jira tool as they want (without centralized policies around fields / states / etc …) it makes the task of differentiating “development” and 'non-development" tickets even harder.

Feature request:
Based on recent statements “For now, eazyBI does not have a direct import of issue properties, like commits.” .
Could we suggest to add an easy solution via “filter” option, which would differentiate all tickets by “Development” property? If field is empty - it has nothing to do with code change, if not - it’s a development task.

Hi @GavinBelson ,

​The Development section is available for import from Jira as a custom field.
​You might as well create a new JavaScript calculated custom field dimension to assign issue a category based on the presence of data within that custom field.

Please read about defining new customfield ​here - New calculated fields.

​The primitive code might be as follows.

if (issue.fields.customfield_NNNNN)
 {return "Development"} 
else {return "Administrative"}

You need to replace the NNNNN with the customfield ID for the Development on your instance.

​Oskars /