% Done of connected issues

I’ve started to utilise the excellent gantt charts in EazyBi and they provide a great view of delivery progress. We’re using them to show the progress of software Releases, which are a Jira issue type for us. Releases are made up of linked (note not sub-tasks but linked) issues of specific issue types and link types.

What I’d like to do is create a calculated measure for my release issues, so probably a report specific calculated measure, to display the % for linked issues (based on specific link type) which have specific statuses (e.g. Fixed, Completed), and I’d like to be able to exclude linked issues of particular statuses (e.g. Cancelled).

I suspect and hope this is possible, but would love confirmation of that before I attempt it and any hints/pointers to get me going would be gratefully received.



Hi @MarkWheeler ,

I would suggest defining a new hierarchy in the Issue dimension. The benefit of that is less MDX as the measures from lower levels would sum up to the higher levels. See the linked post for a detailed description on defining custom hierarchies in the Issue dimension - Issue Hierarchy - Linking Not Working - #4 by gerda.zandersone.

And also the eazyBI documentation page - Additional Issue hierarchies - eazyBI for Jira.

Then you can try creating a similar report to the one in the eazyBI Demo account - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI. But instead of the “Epic” hierarchy, use the custom hierarchy.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com