EazyBI summing up measure values for MySQL imported data

After importing data from MySQL database table, when creating a report I observe that if all values in 2 rows are same, except for the measure value then EazyBI sums up the measure value from both rows instead of showing it separately. For example : Time taken for a particular operation for particular software version is x. And another row has the same operation and software version and the time taken in y. Here the measure is time taken. In EazyBI report, the measure values are summed up (x+y). It doesnt display as 2 different rows, it shows it as one software version, one operation and time as sum of both rows. Did anyone observe this behavior? Is there any way to display the data in different rows without drilling it across.


That is the expected behavior when you import data into a data analysis tool. All rows are aggregated if they have the same dimension values. This topic and the possible workaround is explained in another community post:

Janis, eazyBI support

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