Effort Logged by the Issue Assignee


a- The report “Development Logged Effort per Task” has Issues dimention in Rows
Need to have a calculated measure “Assignees Effort” that display the effort logged by the assignee

Issue                Assignee Effort
ABC-10                  25

b- The report “Effort Analysis Report” has Issue Type Dimention in Rows
Need to have a calculated measure “Total Assignees Effort” that sum the effort logged by the issues assignees

Issue Type               Total Assignees Effort
Test                               120
Bug                                  25


You can check if this formula might work for you:

[Issue].CurrentMember.Level.Name <> "Issue"
  CASE WHEN [Assignee].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name <> "(unassigned)" THEN
  NonZero(([Measures].[Hours spent],
  -- check how many hours were logged by current assignee
   [Logged by].[User].GetMemberByKey([Assignee].CurrentHierarchyMember.Key)
-- if details per issue - check the value for current issue assignee:
  NonZero(([Measures].[Hours spent],
  -- check how many hours were logged by current assignee
   [Logged by].[User].GetMemberByKey([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Assignee name'))

It will sum data for all assignees on how many hours they logged on issues. The formula has a special condition for issue level. It will pick data faster using the assignee property of the issue to access the assignee user and get the logged time for this assignee.

Here is how the formula above works for issues:

In the example above, only one issue DA-230 there was another user than assignee logging time on the issue.

Here is how it works for the Issue type. It could be used with other dimensions as well:

Daina / support@eazybi.com

Thanks @daina.tupule for your feedback

If I added the time dimention in pages, will I need to modify the formula or it will work properly

Is it possible to display the logged time by assignee for the closed issuess in the selected period


Measure Hours spent is mapped on time to the start time of the worklog. If you would like to use time dimension on the report and count issues closed in the period, then you would like to consider custom calculation for this.

Here is one similar community topic with the example formula for resolution time. It will work for your needs if you will switch issue resolution date with issue closed date.

Daina / support@eazybi.com