Estimated hours and hours spent by logged by


I want to create a report with project or issues in Rows and the measures original etimated hours and logged hours in columns by user.

The columns should be:
Original Estimate | Hours spent

The first column should show me all estimated hours of an issue/project independent of the user (assignee/reporter). The second column should shown me the logged hours for only this user on the issue/project.

In our JIRA some issues have no assignee but one or more user log time on the issue. An other use case is that there is an issue with assignee and original estimate but other users log time on that issue. The original estimate is planned for all the users who log time on that issue.

Is there a way to achieve this?



The solution for this use case is to create a custom calculated measure to let the Original estimated hours’ measure to show up with the Logged by dimension. By default, the Logged by dimension shows the estimate only at the All Users level. The following formula shows the Original estimate for all users:

([Measures].[Original estimated hours],
[Logged by].DefaultMember) 

The report could look like this:

Janis, eazyBI support