Estimated hours disappear with "Logged By" dimension on

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:
I’m having some troubles with a report, and can’t understand what’s wrong.
I was asked to create a report that should display in which issues people logged the hours, the hours spent, the original estimated hours, and the remaining ones (plus more infos).
With only “issues” as dimension, I can see the requested infos:
When I put the “Logged by” dimension in “rows” or “pages”, the estimated and remaining hours disappear.

Why? :slight_smile:
Moreover, I’m thinking that the “hours spent” refers to the total logged hours, and not the ones logged by that specific user… Am I right?

Thanks a lot for the support! :smile:

Hi Roberto,

The Logged by dimension works together with Hours spent measure showing how much hours each user has logged (per issue, if issue dimension is also selected). The Original estimate, on the other hand, has “nothing to do” with the user who is logging the hours, it is the estimate for the issue, not the logging user. So if you look at Logged by All users level, you see the Original estimate, but when for an individual user, you only see the hours spent

Maybe the above is a better way of building the report as it shows the total logged hours and estimate as well as all the users and how much they have logged?

Or you can create a new calculated measure for Original estimate (and similar for Remaining estimated hours) that would ignore the Logged by user selected and show total Original estimate with the following formula

  [Measures].[Original estimated hours],
  [Logged by].DefaultMember

Lauma /

Thanks a lot, Lauma!
This worked absolutely GREAT! :star_struck:
And the explanation was perfect and clear!

Have a nice day :smile:

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