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I’m currently creating a report where I need to list the details of Issues and their Status inside each Epic. The Epic is in one project and the issues in several other projects.

I need then to create filters by several Custom Fields and by the Component property. These are at the Epic Level.

If I add any of the Custom Fields to the Pages and use them as filters, I lose the details under the Epics.

I have tried using Epic Links as well, but I can’t get to the properties I want using Epic Links.

Any idea what I might be missing?

Hi @pedrommbarata

You are quite right and not missing anything: indeed, when you select a dimension in Pages, by default, all issues (not only epics or stories, or sub-tasks) are filtered by the selected value, and if the lower level issues do not have such a custom field or it is empty, those issues are not included in the report.

There are dimensions that can be specified for what level to be used as filters, but those options currently are limited to some dimensions only; they won’t work for components or custom fields. In any case, you may read Issue link field dimensions - eazyBI for Jira

There is an option to import a JavaScript calculated custom field in such a way that the epic issue value is inherited from epics to stories and sub-tasks. It works only for single select fields. You may want to follow the community thread here: Calculating Total user stories based on epics fields

This solution can be applied to components, with some limitations; you may read the following community thread: Applying Epic Components to all Child Tickets

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Thank you very much @ilze.leite .

I managed to use some of them, but the others were custom and “multi-selection” so there was nothing I could do there.

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Great! Indeed, for single select fields you can find smooth solutions.

In multi-dimensional custom field cases, you have to implement in each measure used in the report, that the Page filter should be applied to the issue epic and ignored to the issue itself.
I noticed you already have found a community thread where my colleague shared a calculated measure that would do exactly that: Filtering on Program Increment at Epic Link level - #2 by zane.baranovska

Instead of using [Program Increment] in the formula and report, you would use your custom dimension both in Pages AND in the calculation formula of the measure.

If you already have a report where you struggle with that, you may share it to for more detailed assistance. Then share the report definition and a brief description how far did you get and what is still missing.

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