Find "reopened" issues


In many of the examples I can find, the definition of “reopened” refers to the current issue status or if the issue ever has been in the reopened status.

My definition for “reopened” is different:
I need to count all issues that had a resolution set, but have been transitioned to (any) status where the resolution has been cleared.

Any suggestion on how to obtain this measure?



to get all issues having transitioned to “reopen” statuses, you may use “Transition” dimension together with a measure “Transitions to status issues count” (Measures > Default members > Distinct issues count).

In “Transition” dimension, create a calculated member, aggregating all transitions that clear issue resolution.

Then either select this “Transition” member in rows and the measure “Transitions to status issues count” in columns, or create a measure with a tuple (and add Time Default member there to look for transitions to reopened status regardless of selected Time):

    ([Transition].[All transitions to "reopen"],
     [Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],

Ilze /

Hi Ilze,

Thanks for the suggestion, but the problem is the following: There is no transition called “reopen”. I’m trying to find all issues where at one time or another the resolution has been cleared, independent of the transition name or issue status.
Also: there are a huge number of issues that all use different workflows, so transition names is not a good idea to use.


@ilze.leite … did you have the time to look at my previous comment?