Finding the end date for the active Sprint

I am defining the following calculated member for finding the end date for current active sprint across all the boards in my project :

NOT [Sprint].CurrentMember.getBoolean(‘Closed’)

– Filtering the Active sprint on the board
[Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘End date’)

I am selecting the formatting as mm dd yyyy . However i’m not getting any date in the result rather i’m getting the text “mm dd yyyy”

I see you have the correct way to get the sprint, but is it being imported from Jira?

AGGREGATE returns a number.
See Sprint timeline in epic - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI for multiple sprints start/end dates in a chart.

Hope it helps!
Vasile S.


The Aggregate function is not needed for this use case.
The following formula finds the active sprint with the latest end date (there can be several across multiple boards):

Order (
Filter(  [Sprint].[Sprint].Members,
  Not [Sprint].CurrentMember.GetBoolean('Closed')),
  [Sprint].CurrentMember.Get('End date'),
  ).Item(0).Get('End date')

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