Format text as striked


I’m using cell formatting to quickly generate an overview of the active sprint. Therefore I’m using colors for the status of the issues.

In addition I would like to make a difference between status “Rejected” and “Closed” by formatting the whole row as striked.

Unfortunately I only see a checkbox to format text as bold. Is there something I don’t see or is it just not possible (yet)?


Hi @sven,

For conditional cell formattin, you can use different color combinations of the text and background. And you can show text in Bold for better readability.
Consider using the toned downs colors for Rejected and Canceled statuses, like light gray background and slightly darker gray text.

More options to format text and values are using Markdown or HTML Formatting for calculated measures. See this Tips and tricks community post by Gerda for more details and examples:

Thank you for the idea though, I added a new feature request to support the other two most common markdown options, Strikethrough and Italic, to the eazyBI backlog.

Zane /

Thank you for your response, I will do that until the new feature will go live. :wink: