Get attribute value from Object type attribute with multiple values

Use case:
Insight registry wirh 2 object types:

  • Desktop (contains 1 object: Desktop 1)
  • Display (containts 2 objects: Display 1 and Display 2)

Both, Display 1 and Display 2 have integer type attribute “Size” and one has value 24 other 50.
Desktop has Object type attribute “Display”, can have unlimited amount of values.

In isight I created Calculated measure “Size”:
[Object].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetLinkedMember(‘Desktop Displays’, [Object].[Object]).get(‘Display Size’)

Works fine with only one Display assigned to Desktop.

But when one Desktop has more than one display assigned, it shows them under Desktop as rows, but “Size” comes as empty!

How to I get report working with multiple values assigned and to get every attribute value from those objects?

Used this article to get this working with one Display assigned and modified this mdx a bit:

Get atribute value from a reference object