Getting issues related to the current row

In many reports we looking for a sum/count or other calculation based on the issues related to the rows. What is the easiest method of getting these issues in a calculated member?


As row, we selected ‘Fix Version’ and as column ‘measures’ and ‘segment’. Segments are in this case, B2C or B2B. (based on a multiple select field)

In the overview, we want to sum story points per segment, based on Fix Version. When an issue is for both segments, the total of story points should be divided by the selected segments.

What is the preferred method of getting the issues for that row? My current filter looks like this, but I’m sure there is a better way :wink:

      Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
      [Measures].[Issues resolved] > 0 AND
      [Measures].[Story Points] > 0       


It is always better (faster) to avoid iterating over issues at the detailed Issue level.

In this case, I would recommend creating a calculated JavaScript field which during the import would calculate adjusted Story Points as (Story Points value) / (count of segments). And then you could use this precalculated adjusted story points measure in the report.

Hi Raimonds,

Do you have an example on how we ca go through all the project issues in the javascript code during the import?

I went through the following documentation: b, but I don’t see a way to iterate through all the issues in a project. The closest example is the one where it goes through the linkedissues.



Typically there is no need to iterate through all issues in the custom JavaScript code – you just pre-calculate some additional measures or properties for an individual issue and then it can be aggregated later in eazyBI reports.

If you could describe what is your business need then we could point you to a similar example.

My Question is in this post: Count number of times a test case has been mentioned in other tickets