Getting reference objects in Insight in report

Hi there,

I’m making a report in EazyBI on our business services and their customers (Organisations) (relation 1-n) from Insight database.

Every Business Service is an object in Insight. They all have reference objects from the object “Organisations”. I now want to see all the Business Services with their organisations attributes (ie. name and code)

I tried next syntax as a calculated measure but have no data, so clearly I’m doing it wrong:

[Object].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetLinkedMemberName(‘Organisaties Naam’)
[Object].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetLinkedMember(‘Organisaties OVO nr’)

Hi @_P3 ,

The relation between Business Services and Organisations objects is a little unclear to me. For that reason, look at the example below:

We have the Business Services object type “Email Service” object. It has a reference to two objects from the Category object type.

These objects have the attribute “Type”.

To retrieve the referenced Category object type attribute “Type”, first ensure the respective attributes are selected for import for each Object type in the Insight import options. See an example below:

Now, you can use the Business Services objects in rows and use the Service Category attribute as a dimension alongside it. See the example below:

Finally, to retrieve a specific Category type object attributes, define a new calculated measure with a formula similar to the below:

  [Business Services Service Category].CurrentMember.Key
).Get('Category Type')

In the formula, replace the Business Services Service Category dimension with the Business Services Organisation dimension. The report could look similar to the one below:

Share more details if the object relations differ from the provided example.

Roberts //

Here are some screenshots:

First the information I want

Here are 13 organisations that are related to the business service, I want those visualised in EazyBI

Build up in EazyBI:


rows and pages:

user defined measure:

actual report:

As you can see, there is no result for the measures from Organization or the user defined measure

Hi @_P3 ,

eazyBI imports outbound references. Please see the community post below for inbound references with a similar use case.

Let me know if you get stuck or have any questions.