Grouping graphs by topic - Improve visibility & usage

Hi there,

I really like EazyBi, you have do a great job… but still, I wish to propose you a feature that, I think, is really missing.

I use other graphing tools, it is my main job and what is missing is a grouping widget.

When we have a lot of graphs into a page, it is very hard to read, so, creating some “sections” will help a lot to organize the pages.

I join a visual example, done with another tool (See the colored horizontal bar). I have a lot of graphics, but they are grouped by topic.
That way, we have a more readable page and it help a lot to find the right graph.

By example, having the possibility to add some other widgets like a “note” (aka postit), or a sidebar (horizontal or vertical), simply a box/colored/with text/expandable etc… will be great. Adding something else than a graph can be useful for a lot of purposes.

Hi @cdemez

Sorry for the late reply!

Thanks for the suggestion! We have an open ticket about this in our backlog, and I’ve added your vote to it! Unfortunately, I don’t have a possible time-line for this, but we’ll let you know if and when new changes get implemented.

However, until then, as a workaround, you can create reports that can be used as separators between other reports in your dashboards. There are several ways how you can implement different Markdown and Html elements in your report. You can check out this Community post on Markdown: Measure formatting (markdown and custom)
Also, try switching to the Gauge chart and disabling the “Frame” option for the formatted reports in the Dashboard view.

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Nauris / eazyBI support