Help ! Sprint showing "no sprint" for many issues but in Jira it has a sprint value for all those issues

I have multiple user stories in Jira that shows Sprint value correctly tagged or updated. But when I pull this info into EazyBI and if I try to filter with specific Sprint value, these user stories do not get listed. But when I add “no sprint” as a filter drop down, then a lot of stories gets accounted in that filter value.

In the screenshot, you can see 21 items shown under no sprint, which is supposed to be coming under the row below that. In the 2nd screenshot, you can see how I am pulling the test case numbers. I am utilizing the Generic Value 1 field in Jira and updating that field with total TC# and using this field in EazyBI to get the report aggregated. Due to this “no sprint” issue, I am unable to get a neat report. Can someone help pls how to avoid this “no sprint” and get all the calculations rightly in the expected row.?

Hello, may I ask you please what is the header for the first 2 columns?


The numeric custom field measure shows the current status of the issue in the sprint. The (no sprint) means that the issue(s) with this value is currently in the backlog. If the issue is not completed and moved to the backlog at sprint closing, the value of the issue is for the (no sprint) member.

Janis, eazyBI support

@janis.plume - So this means, it’s the expected behavior? One other question that popped up now is, when I trace those “no sprint” stories in Jira, it still is being shown under the same Sprint and not moved to backlog. Not sure where the disconnect.

Hi @Mauro_Bennici - Those are IT Team and Sprint names in the first two columns.

@subintraj The (no sprint) is the expected behavior of how the backlog items are detected. One difference from Jira regarding the unresolved stories at the sprint closing. eazyBI moves them to the backlog (no sprint) automatically while those are staying in the closed sprint at the Jira side.

Please, check this presentation for more detail on Sprint reports with eazyBI: Training videos on specific topics.

Janis, eazyBI support

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