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I’m starting with eazyBi and I’m stuck on one part.
In JSM I use an asset to retrieve the client’s desktop. He enters his office number in a dedicated field.

This asset is based on 6 levels:
In each level, I have an attributes that points to the parent object.
RSPE being informed only for certain AGs.

I am looking in eazyBi to display stats, grouped according to these 6 levels.
For example:

  • Number of indices declared by DIR XX,
  • list of issues distributed by DOM.
  • List of issues in table mode with:
    |DG | DGA | DIR | DOM | AG | RSPE | ISSUE|
    |— | — | — | — | — | — | —|
    |XX | YY | ZZ | DD | AA | | ISSUEEKEY26|
    |XX | YY | WW | BB | AAA | SS | ISSUEKEYxx|

If anyone could guide me through the process.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Julien1,

Welcome to the eazyBI community :tada: !

Which level objects are referenced in the Jira issues? Please share a screenshot of the Assets structure. Is each level a separate object type?

In a structure with fewer levels, you can rely on the Object dimension filtered by a specific type and its attribute dimensions. For example, to see the number of objects and issues created by each Person and their Department (attribute in Person type objects), I use the Object dimension “Person” type objects and the Person Department dimensions:

Complex calculations may be required for multi-level hierarchies, relying on inbound references. Please see these two community posts for more details - Assets: Object filtering by a similar attribute and Assets: How to Import "Inbound References" in eazyBI.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

Thank you for your reply. Here are the screenshots of the structure, it is possible that I did not mount it correctly or in the best possible way.

In Jira issue, , we can have any of these levels in one field .