How can I calculate no of sprints in period

HI Team,
I have a requirement that needs to count the sprint duration. If the sprint duration is 1 week how many sprints we have with duration one week.
If the sprint duration is 2 weeks how many sprints have duration with 2 weeks.

Can anyone help here?


We already discussed this question directly in support emails. There is a short summary.
I can imagine two options for how to get the information in a report.

  1. You may create a measure (in Measures) that returns the length of a sprint. Use this measure in columns and Sprint dimension sprints in rows; order/filter the sprint list by this measure.

The length of each sprint is calculated in the following way:

      [Measures].[Sprint start date],
      [Measures].[Sprint end date]
  1. Another option is creating a separate measure for each sprint duration to count how many sprints have this particular length.

To get the count of sprints with, let’s say, duration 1 week or less, you may create a measure to count them:

  Filter(Descendants([Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Sprint].[Sprint]),
  [Measures].[Sprint start date],
  [Measures].[Sprint end date]

Create separate measures and combine filter conditions for other durations.

Note that there are used planned sprint start and end dates; you may use sprint actual start and end dates instead (then use other sprint properties in the formula)

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