How can i get Board Type value in EazyBi whether its Scrum or Kanban board from JIRA

I am trying to get the Board Type value (Scrum/Kanban from JIRA) for the selected Sprint

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You can find scrum boards under Sprint dimension as all sprints are linked to certain boards and use measures related to Sprints, see more information about them here -

Meanwhile, Kanban boards are not imported into eazyBI in the same way as Sprints; as there can be no sprints within a Kanban board.
The issues related to the Kanban board can be reported in eazyBI depending on how your Kanban board is configured (note that you can base the Kanban board on a project or your custom filter). You need to apply the same filtering in your report to show the report for the Kanban board in eazyBI.

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Thanks, will look into it and work accordingly

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