How much total time spent in each status

Hi Team,
I just want to find out the time spent in each status by an issue.
Suppose ex. AAA-101 current status is “Done”. But how many days it spent in “To Do”, “In Progress”, “In Review”, “In QA” like this.
It might be gone in same status again and again 2-3 times.


Hi @narendra_kumar_1995,
you can use issue change history measures and dimensions to build the report you are looking for.
Add Issues in Rows at Issue level, select Days in transition status measure from Measure dimension and next to Measures in Columns add Transition Status dimension at Status level.
The report would look like this:

But you can explore our demo account to see some other report types that looks at issue age, lead and cycle time -

Gerda //

Hello @gerda.grantina,

thank you for the provided response. One thing is bothering me, I have created a report completely similar to the one you have provided, and yet I see Statuses for a certain Issue displaying no days in status, but I know/see in the Issue history that this issue did spend some time in that status. As I can see on your example image, i.e. a case similar like your issue CS-11 - it has some value for the In Progres status => 51.9606 but it should also display a few days for the To Do status as well.