How to calculate cost of linked issues?

I am creating report to calculate How many hours spending in Task+sub task+Linked issues by different departments level.

Rows : issue
Column : Measures to show different calculated members
pages : issue type = Hot fix release.

I already done getting linked issues and hours spent on linked issues. Now I want to get “Cost spent on linked issues”

can anyone help me on this !! Thanks.

I will use some assumptions to describe one scenario how to calculate costs.
I assume you are using Logged by dimension for counting Hours spent for Departments by listing set of users in each of them.

I assume you have a Rate for each user. Here is one tip how to import rate for Logged by user. Check the part with user Rate import in the article.

Here is an example fomula how to calculate costs using Logged by imported property Rate by particular group of users, including time spent on linked issues. This is example for Story issues with linked Bugs, imported as property.

Descendants([Logged by].CurrentMember, [Logged by].[User]),
  [Logged by].Currentmember.Get("Groups"), "")
  MATCHES ".*groupname.*"),
  ([Measures].[Hours spent]
      [Measures].[Hours spent],
      [Logged by].CurrentMember))
  )) * [Logged by].CurrentMember.Get('Rate')

The formula works on Issue level for Story issues only.

Please send more details, including current report definition to for more precize answer.

Daina /

Thanks for your help, its works for us