How to filter unwanted statuses

Hi there. I’m extremely new in the community and with the tool (and programming). I’ve read the documentation but I’m still struggling with this one.

How can I created a calculated member to exclude canceled status?

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Hello Rafael

See Aggregate and Calculated measures and members

A very simple example: How do I group users under a single row? (Logged by) - #2 by VasileS

Add a new calculated member in “Status” dimension:

   [Status].[In Progress], 
   -- ......
   --everything but [Status].[Canceled]

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Vasile S.


Hi @Rafael_Pessoa,

To group data, you might want to use function Aggregate() and list statuses you are interested in as @VasileS suggested.

If the list of statuses may change in the future (the new statuses are introduced), you may use more flexible function Except() in combination with Aggregate()

    --set of all statuses
    --list of exceptions
    { [Status].[Canceled] }) 

Here are more details on calculated members using functions Aggregate and Except: Calculated members in other dimensions.

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@VasileS @zane.baranovska
Thank you so much! It worked as I wanted.

Is there a way to close this Q&A? Like a resolved status?

Glad it works as expected; the perfect answer for Friday =)
Yes, you can “close” community posts by marking the “Solution” on the answer containing the solution. This way, other community users searching for a similar question would know the post contains a working solution.