How to generate a report of users who removed issues from a sprint

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I’m new to eazyBI! We have a requirement to get a report of users who removed issues from a sprint.

There are ways to find issues which got removed from sprint,

  1. “Sprint Report” shows the issues removed from sprint
  2. With script runner JQL function removedAfterSprintStart()

But, none of this option could help to get the history of the user who actually removed the issue from sprint.

I’m sure that, with @eazyBi the requirement can be achieved with custom measures. Could you please help with the solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @prakash_ps

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In the report, you may want to use Transition Author dimension together with measure “Sprint Issues removed”; additionally, select a sprint from Sprint dimension in Pages to count only issues removed from one particular sprint.

Read more about the measure: Jira Software custom fields - eazyBI for Jira
and about Transition Author dimension: Import issue change history - eazyBI for Jira

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Thanks @ilze.leite. :clap:
I should have gone through the measures! :innocent:

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