How to get all issues whose Fix Versions is same as Affects version

Tried below calculated measure but no luck

( [Measures].[Issues created],
[Affects Version.By name].[Name].GetMemberByKey(
[Fix Version].CurrentMember.Key


Your formula seems very close to the solution, assuming that you are using the Fix version dimension with the By Name hierarchy in your report. The function of CurrentMember by default uses the default hierarchy, which in your case is not used in the report. The CurrentHierarchyMember should fix that:

( [Measures].[Issues created],
[Affects Version.By name].[Name].GetMemberByKey(
[Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Key)

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks Janis. It works.

Hi Janis,

I was trying to do something similar to what Rahul is trying. Here am trying to see the no of stories and no of defects logged against each Fix version. But here the catch is, for defects we do not enter Fix version, instead we enter the same value of Fix Ver in that Affects Version. All I am trying to find is, each fix version Story Vs Defect count. Currently I am getting incorrect defect numbers. Could you please help me ?