How to get assignee for particular period(eg. Last Month,Last Year)

Hi ,

I want to see a Report/Table to show the issue assignee for particular period or range of dates. Example (Assignee of the ticket during January or before 3 months etc)

How do we get this report in eazyBI. Could you please help on this?


@ nauris.malitis Could you please help on this?

Hi @Tamil,

You could use a similar approach as described in this post: How to list all assignees of an issue - #2 by zane.baranovska. I adopted the formula to show all assignees during the selected period for issues that had assignee changes:

Here is the formula:

  --go through all Assignee users
    --check wheather user was assignee of the issue during selected period
    NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issues history]) ),
  --get assignee names separated by comma

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