How to get Category Status of issue in Measures?

I need prepare reports from dozen Jira Projects which have different set of statuses and different workflows.

I would like to prepare user-defined measures based on [Category.Status] Dimension instead of calculating “Caregory” based Status Name.

Unfortunately I can’t find way how to extract Category status from Issue.

I will be much appreciated for any Ideas.

Looks like I found the answer in post: Story and Epic report and filters for updated date

Product Documentation doesn’t allow to clearly understand all objects properties and objects relationship in the system.


In eazyBI information on status categories is already pulled in and there is no need to define calculated measures to group statuses by category. In dimensions Status and Transition Status, is hierarchy Category that groups all statuses by status categories To Do, In Progress and Done (see picture below).

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Could you describe the formula to get StatusCategory as Measure?
I believe, it should be something like:

Your answer is useful, but I try to understand EasyBI to be fammiar to use it.

The status category is imported only in the Status and Transition Status dimensions, not as a measure. A category is the property (attribute) of each status, and that property allows group statuses.

Each issue contains the identifier of the status but no other properties like status name or status category:

[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Status ID')

If you would like to show the statute category for each issue, then you can use an expression like this:

--in Status dimension Category hierarchy, look for Status matching status ID assigned to issue
  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Status ID')
--for that status, get the parent (category) name
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Hi @zane.baranovska ,

I am trying to make the same calculation field as you showed for Category, but for Sprints. I need to create a calc field for Sprint dimension that will show all sprints groups for one year.
Each sprint cycle contains a lot of sprints for different teams, so I need to be able select one year in Rows panel, then see something like:
All 2022 sprints / sprints by their number / groups within one sprint

Is it possible to create such custom field? So far I could only make All 2022 sprints / groups within one sprint

thank you in advance!

@Alsu_Zaynutdinova grouping sprint by their parameters is a different use case than showing the statutes category name for each issue and requires another solution.

You might want to check out other Community topics related to Sprints and methods to group them by name or other properties:

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Thank you @zane.baranovska for the reply.

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