How to get linked issue property to Parent issue

Hello EazyBI Community,

Is there any possibilities to Display “Linked issue” Property to Parent issue?

in my case , I have issue type called “X” and each “X issue type” will be linked to Issue type “Y”.

In Rows,
Issues Dimension
Issue Type “X”

And I want to display following properties as column

  1. Issue type X and Its Properties (like start date , end date…etc)
  2. Issue type Y (Linked to Issue type “X”) and Its Properties (like Project name etc,)

Thanks in advance


Yes, it is possible to show the linked issues and the properties from the linked issues.
Please, check the documentation of how to configure the issue link import into eazyBI.

Once you have imported the issue links, you can access the properties of the related issues by the help of eazyBI standard functions. For instance, if the issue has only one linked issue with the imported issue link, you can access the linked issue property with the formula like this:

  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('My link')
).get('My property')

Janis, eazyBI support

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