How to get the number of days spent in an status with a calculated measure?


I need a calculated measure in which I use the name of a status and as a result I will obtain the number of days in that status. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rdelabarrera ,

​The usual way of getting the time an issue spent in a particular status is to use the dimension Transition status and the measure [Measures].[Days in transition status].

You might find the instructions for the basic report here - How much total time spent in each status.

​You might as well want to see the time spent in a particular status even while the issue is still in that status.
​You might want to explore another community post addressing that matter here - How to calculate Days in transition status including the time in current status.

However, if the above threads did not help and you cannot find the answer in the eazyBI community portal - please feel free to write your inquiry to the eazyBI support e-mail:

​Kind regards,
​Oskars / eazyBI support

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Hello @oskars.laganovskis

Thanks for your answers. At the same time, I wrote to sopport and they gave me a good option. To go with the tuples.

Now a days, the calculated measure has the following code:

([Measures].[Workdays in transition status],[Transition status].[Open])

For the cases in which I need to keep in mind the current status, I have a case when.

Thanks for your support.