How to measure average days/workdays from transition status A to transition status B


Perhaps you can try using “Average resolution workdays” from “Measures”.
If that doesn’t work, then a new calculated measure should be created for such calculation

Martins / eazyBI support

Thanks very much Martins.

I’m having difficulties creating calculation for sum of “original estimate” hours for all resolved issues, distributed in month and engineers/groups. I have figured out the calculations of engineers and month, and the total resolved issue numbers, but could not add up the total estimate hours for them in correct number.

Could you help have a look at my post below? Very much appreciated!

Leon Kan Li

Hello :smiley:,

how can I display the transition status of linked members depending on the actual issue? The actual issue have issue type “A” and the linked member issue type “B” because of different Projects.


It would be possible to import linked issues for actual issue and then calculate the transition status, but the calculations could vary due to different possible use-cases.
Perhaps, you could reach out to with more detailed information on your use-case (what layout will there be for your report - what dimension in rows, which in columns etc).


Hi Martin,

thanks for your answer. I’m waiting for the Support Team answer but maybe you are faster and have an idea.

My Pages are: Project, IssueType and FixVersion.
Rows: Time (weekly)
Columns: Measures (Issues history), Transition Status.

A week ago I wanted to have the number of issues whose LinkedMember is in status ‘DS’. I solved it like this:

I created a measure “LinkedStatus”
[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetLinkedMember(‘Linked from D**’).Get(‘Status ID’)

Then i created the measure “DS”
Descendants([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
[Measures].[LinkedStatus] = ‘DS’
), [Measures].[Issues created]))

My Problem: Each issue from Project a (issue type TOP for example) has an linked issue from Project b with another issue type (POP for example). now when i filter for project a and issuetype TOP in the pages i don’t get the transition status from the issues from project b with issuetype POP. I want to use the link to find the transition status of Project b issues as in the example above.


Not trying to hijack but I found this request to match (or closely match) one of mine. I followed the instructions by Martins but it appears to be taking my 2 time in statuses and avg them together. For example I have .5 value in status 1 and 0 in status 2 and the value it gives me is .3

How can I get an add (expected value of .5)?

Thank you,

Hi @Milad

How exactly do you link an issue to its main issue? Is there some particular link type you use in Jira? Perhaps you can share a Jira screenshot of one such example (screenshot of main issue from one project and another screenshot of it’s linked member from a different project).

When you filter your report via page filter, do you selec the fix version, project and issue type for the main issue or it’s linked member?

Have you tried importing linked issue dimension as described on our documentation page?

If you have, please share the content of your eazyBI advanced settings.

Martins / eazyBI support.


Please share instructions you tried as the thread became very long.

Also would be great if you could share the requirement and your current report definition.

Anyway, you could try using the “Days in transition status” measure to show the total time in status for an issue.

Martins / eazyBI support