How to select tasks that were completed in a certain sprint?


What I’d like to accomplish is seemingly rather easy: get a list of tasks completed in sprint X, and their Original Estimate and Hours Spent values to see which tasks were over/underestimated. However, due to the fact that we sometimes move tasks between sprints, it’s not as easy as it looks.
Step by step here’s how I run into problems:

  1. Say I plan a task X in sprint 14
  2. Postpone X and plan it to sprint 15
  3. Report a couple of hours while X is in sprint 15 (prep work or whatever, the sprint proper has not started yet at this point)
  4. Hey, we can do the task earlier - move X to sprint 14 and complete it while it’s there
  5. Tell EazyBI to show me a list of tasks completed in sprint 15
  6. … and task X pops up, never mind that its current and final sprint was 14 :frowning:

Apparently since the task once was in sprint 15, Eazybi thinks it’s still part of that sprint, even though it was completed in another sprint and bears only the completed sprint’s name.

Even if I use a calculated member and filter results with “[Sprint].CurrentMember.Name = ‘15’” etc, I still get that task from sprint 14.

So to summarize - can I even get a list of tasks that were completed in a certain sprint, ignoring whatever other sprints a task has gone through? It worked with FixVersion, but doesn’t seem to work with sprints.
Thanks a bunch!


Thank you for the detailed explanation of your use case.
You are right; measures do not always match to the Sprint dimension in the way needed by our requirements. There is, however, a set of measures in eazyBI designed for Sprint reporting to find solutions for this issue.

In your case, you should use the standard measure “Sprint issues completed”. It should be giving the issues completed in the sprint (being resolved at the Sprint completion moment), regardless of what other sprints the issue has gone through.

You can develop calculated measures based on “Sprint issues completed” measure to collect the estimates and hours spent for issues completed in the sprint. The formula for the Original estimate is following:

    [Measures].[Sprint issues completed]>0
  ([Measures].[Original estimated hours],

You can have the same calculation for the Hours spent by replacing the “Original estimated hours” with the “Hours spent” in the formula.


Thank you, what a relief! That, indeed, does the trick.

Hi Janis,

I got a similar question in my post Need calculate monthly issue resolve count, and the time/effort associated with the resolved issues

Could you help have a look?

I got the idea from this post and updated my calculation below, but still some results are not correct.

We use “engineer” in each issue to specify who resolved the issue, and allocate “original estimate hourse” on each issue. Now we need calculate, per each month, how many original estimate hours are resolved by each engineer.

Using the calculation below, some results are still not correct. Please kindly advise? Thanks!

[Measures].[Issues resolved]>0
([Measures].[Original estimated hours],