How to set a default Velocity value

Hi All,
I am trying to set defaults values for Velocity. We have several reports that use the “Running Story Points velocity for 5 closed sprints”. Rather than using this Measure, I have several teams that would like to use a default value, instead of a calculated value. As many of our reports include multiple teams, they would like to be able to select/assign a default velocity for each team.
I would like to create a measure that would set default values at 30, 50, 70. If possible, I would like the teams to be able to select a default value, by team, within the report. If this is not possible, could we set the default, by team, in the measure.
In the first scenario, the velocity would be set as
velocity30 = 30
velocity 50 = 50
velocity70 = 70
The teams could then select a velocity for each team selected from the Development Team dimension.

If this is not possible, the second scenario would be something like this:
TeamA_velocity = 30
TeamB_velocity = 50
TeamC_velocity = 70
The team velocity would then be set based on the teams selected in the Development Team Dimension.

Not sure if this would be a Calculate Measure created within the Development Team dimension, a User Defined Measure, or a java script in the Advanced settings.

Completely lost on this one and could use some help.

Is something like this possible?

eazyBI has a different way on how to get this working.

  1. user defined calculation:
    CASE [Development Team ].CurrentMember.Name
      WHEN "TeamA" THEN 30
      WHEN "TeamB" THEN 50
      WHEN "TeamC" THEN 70

The formula is a simple version for single Development team selection.

  1. Velocity import property for a Development team.
    You can import property representing the team velocity for a Development team with additional data import into Jira issue cube (if you have a lot of teams and the formula above would be hard to maintain).
    See more here abut additional data import.

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