How to show a list of open stories with all sub-tasks including hours spent

I am trying to create a report that shows how much time has been invested in Stories and Bugs that have not been completed. Our Stories and Bugs each have multiple sub-tasks where hours are logged. I would like this report to include a list of open stories along with all of their sub-tasks (both open and completed) showing hours spent. My challenge has been that if I filter on issue status I lose the completed sub-tasks from the report. This results in my hours invested in open stories being under-reported. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hi @dcuozzo!

If you choose the measure Hours spent with sub-tasks, you will see the hours spent on the parent and its sub-tasks.

Another approach would be to create a Parent Status dimension and filter by it. See; as well as a similar example in the community How to filter only parent issue status.

Lauma /